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Founder, Management Consultant

Eric Schneider

My name is Eric Schneider and, together with Léon and Thorsten, we started Mabs4.0 Germany. I combine my expert knowledge in Business Development, Senior Management Consultancy and Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) focused on Digital Transformation of products, solutions, processes and business models. I can look back at 20 years of experience in Telecommunication and ICT.

I am convinced that digital transformation will be the crucial topic for all companies regardless what kind of industry. They now have to deal with the digital transformation, in terms of expanding their business or ensuring their market role in future. Therefore I support our customers reducing the complexity, finding orientation in all topics of Digital Transformation to enable them to implement future proven solutions and new business (models).

Our customers recognize the need to digitize their value creation. We secure their entrepreneurial success, so that our customers can remain focused on their core business. By our holistic approach we facilitate our customers on their way to understand, act and being successful in digital influenced markets.

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