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MD Founder Mabs4.0 Germany, Management Consultant, Medical and MedTech Specialist and Consultant

Thorsten Hagemann

Hey, I am Thorsten and established the Mabs4.0 Germany together with Léon and Eric and the support of the strong Mabs4.0 network. I have my specific expertise in Business Development, Strategic Selling and Management and Medical Consultancy with our holistic approach on the topics of Digital Transformation of Industrial companies in the main as well as of MedTech, Medical Care companies and the health market. As a Consultant I do support our customers from the first moments of encountering Digitalization until the successful implementation and the need of change is concluded.

My particular subject is the transition between the first and second health market, where the broad world of wearables, prevention, life style and assisted living solutions get connected towards medical precise technologies and processes. Before starting ICT and IoT (Internet of Things) business, I studied human medicine, working as an anesthetist, intensive care physician and emergency doctor, due to this I prove a 20-year experience in medical processes and MedTech solutions. Changing business led me to the inception of Industry 4.0 and Health 4.0.

I am a firm believer that in less than 10 years nearly each place of employment, each car, each home, consumer products including food and pharmaceuticals and even we human beings will be smart connected. Companies will deliver a lot of – today unknown – additional benefits by providing digital solutions to each stakeholder of their ecosystem. Therefor our customers have the need or the gain to manage the new rules of digital markets, understand how to provide those values to their whole supply chain and monetize these services by complex business models. Stepping quick into the market and using newest smart and miniaturized technologies and preventing disruption.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather those who are most prepared to change.”  Charles Darwin.

We make our customers successful.

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